• 2020 November 27th, Exhibition "ЖОРА ШВИН ШОУ", Odessa (UA)
  • 2020 October31st-November24th : Coppélia Press prints at the library of Muzeon Experimental Center, at the occasion of the exhibition P-BRANE by Elsa Quintin, Muzeon Experimental Center / MSIO-Museum of Modern Art, Odessa (Ukraine)
  • 2020 August 30th: Performance by Elsa Quintin, our prints (posters) used as costumes. Rue Riquet, in front of Hira grocery/ Emmaus, Paris 19 (FR) -CMPTRMTHMTCS-
  • 2020 July 30th : "Le FABLIO ERRANT" Performance half written/half improvised for 3 persons, few objects and some prints. On the invitation of the organization Mourir Vite, Rennes (FR)
  • 2020 March 6th: Coppélia Press wt Система on the Paris based radio Rinse France: radiophonic creation (Languages: french, english, russian, thai), Paris (FR) Knappy kaisernappy · система avec Coppélia Press RINSE FRANCE 06-03-2020
  • February 14th 2020 : Intervention/installation, lectures, performances, Librairie PLANETE IO, Rennes (FR)
  • December 18th 2019 : Booklaunch of the novella Outlier by Max Kaario, at Kim's bar, Paris (FR): lmusic performances, karaoké, drawing action
  • December 21st 2019 : Presentation of Coppélia Press, Le Bar à Mines, Rennes (FR)
  • October 11st 2019 : Signature of the limited edition of Peu-Importe by Antonin Druart (La Cour, Rennes, FR) 
  • May 2019: Creation of Coppélia Press by Elsa Quintin and Ivan Samokrutkin, artist run project.



Some prints from the P-BRANE paitnings serie flying on the walls of the library/reading space of Muzeon Experimental Center, Odessa, Ukraine. 31-10-2020 / 24-11-2020 


Le Fablio Errant, Group performance, script and improvisation, written by Elsa Quintin, Rennes (FR)

Radiophonic creation, Coppélia Press wt Система for our residency program on the Paris-based radio Rinse France

Coppélia Press et les auteur-e-s à la Librairie Planète IO, Rennes (FR), lectures et performances par Typhen Rocchia, Estelle Marie et Ivan Samokrutkin, expositions, interventions et rencontres.

Coppélia Press au Bar à Mines, Rennes (FR)

Release of the novella Outlier, written by Max Kaario, Kim's bar, Paris 19 (FR) music performances and karaoké.

Dédicace du roman Peu-Importe par Antonin Druart, Rennes (FR), texte joué au dé sur une proposition de l'auteur.