• 2021 May 8th-9th, Le Cool Club, Rennes, Hôtel Pasteur (FR)  (POSTPONED to 11th & 12th December) 
  • 2020-2021 : Coppélia Press/ graphics and prints exhibited on the walls of the independent library of Muzeon Experimental Center, Muzeon Experimental Center / MSIO-Museum of Modern Art, Odessa (Ukraine)
  • 2020 November 27th, Exhibition "ЖОРА ШВИН ШОУ" Jora Shwin drawings works, Technology Group, Odessa (UA). One day project exhibition, live acts and djs/ performances
  • 2020 August 30th: Performance by Elsa Quintin, our prints (posters) used as costumes. Rue Riquet, in front of Hira grocery/ Emmaus, Paris 19 (FR) -CMPTRMTHMTCS-
  • 2020 July 30th : "Le FABLIO ERRANT" Performance semi improvised for 3 actors, few objects and some prints. On the invitation of the organization Mourir Vite, Rennes (FR)
  • 2020 March 6th: Coppélia Press wt Система on the Paris-based radio RINSE France: radiophonic creation (Languages: french, english, russian, thai), Paris (FR) Knappy kaisernappy · система avec Coppélia Press RINSE FRANCE 06-03-2020
  • February 14th 2020 : Intervention/installation, lectures, performances, Librairie PLANETE IO, Rennes (FR)
  • December 18th 2019 : Booklaunch of the novella Outlier by Max Kaario, Kim's bar, Paris (FR): live music performances, karaoké, dj sets, drawing action
  • December 21st 2019 : Presentation of Coppélia Press, Le Bar à Mines, Rennes (FR)
  • October 11st 2019 : Signature of the limited edition of Peu-Importe by Antonin Druart (La Cour, Rennes, FR) 


Some projects published presented in the library of FRAC BRETAGNE (FOND REGIONAL D'ART CONTEMPORAIN (RENNES/FR)

 Some projects published presented at the library of Muzeon Experimental Center, Odessa/ UA


Le Fablio Errant, Group performance, script and improvisation, written by Elsa Quintin, Rennes (FR) august 2020. Performance for three actors and few obects.


Radiophonic creation, Coppélia Press wt Система for our residency program on the Paris-based radio Rinse France

Coppélia Press et les auteur-e-s à la Librairie Planète IO, Rennes (FR), lectures et performances par Typhen Rocchia, Estelle Marie et Ivan Samokrutkin, expositions, interventions et rencontres.

Dédicace du roman Peu-Importe par Antonin Druart, Rennes (FR), texte joué au dé sur une proposition de l'auteur.

Performance Le dessin Observé: our prints (posters) used as decorum. Rennes/ Villjean, Août 2020